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Our Services

We provide full-day wedding videography and photography coverage, highlight, documentary films, drone footage, and add-ons like engagement shoots and interviews.

Our team works closely with you to capture your unique love story. You can trust us to deliver your stunning film and photo collection, providing a memory that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Documentary Wedding Videography & Photography

Capturing the story of your day, every moment relived, every emotion preserved, forever.

Preserve Your Most Treasured Memories!

Why Us?

Personalized Cinametic Storytelling

Our team of professional filmmakers and directors, with a background in documentary filmmaking, brings a cinematic quality to your wedding film. We excel in crafting compelling narratives, transforming your wedding moments into a beautifully directed love story, capturing not just the events but the emotions and unique essence of your day.

Extensive Wedding Industry Experience

With a broad range of experience in the wedding industry, including planning and MC services, our team offers a comprehensive understanding of weddings. This allows us to anticipate key moments and work seamlessly with other vendors, ensuring a well-coordinated and complete portrayal of your special day.

Best Equipment and Professional Editing

Utilizing Sony's cinema line cameras and equipments, we ensure superior image quality and artistic capture of your wedding. Combined with our professional editing, we deliver a film with stunning visuals, crisp details, and a cinematic feel. Our technical excellence in both filming and editing crafts a visually breathtaking and emotionally engaging record of your special day.

About Us

Meet our team: Wenbo and Xirui, a husband-and-wife duo with a passion for storytelling and nature, bring a personal touch to your wedding film. Xirui, who loves love stories, adds her talents in wedding planning and MC services, ensuring a heartfelt capture of your day. Wenbo, a seasoned filmmaker and producer, specializes in documentary-style storytelling, infusing a dynamic perspective into our work.

Joining us is Jeremy, a skilled documentary director whose experience ranges from capturing the excitement of sports teams to the romance of grape harvesting and winemaking. His expertise in storytelling enriches our films, making them not just visually striking but narratively engaging.

Together, we combine personal insights, professional expertise, and a love for storytelling to create a unique cinematic representation of your love story.

Your Love Story
Told with Elegance and Style

It’s all about telling your story in a way that is as unique as your love. 

With our personalized approach, we capture the most intimate and special moments, create a timeless video for you to cherish for a lifetime.